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hey ladies

2015-01-11 04:36:15 by HarryFeltersnach

this is Pistol Pete. He's not a hopeless romantic. He's just hopeless.402783_142096895182_petelampshade.jpg

Meanwhile, in Japan...

2014-09-05 04:35:59 by HarryFeltersnach

more weird shit402783_140990614821_8c561144d83745d00af94c11418b14d6.600x.jpg


Grammer Nazi

2014-02-27 22:46:45 by HarryFeltersnach

stop shitting on the enlish language ng402783_139355919961_n.jpg

you need some ointment for that burn?

2014-02-06 01:13:29 by HarryFeltersnach

does it hurt Broncos fans? such a hot burn!402783_139166720252_df713c54f5316ffeb339579e1731427d9a378dad95714ed2ff53a0d.jpg

this guy gives less of a fuck.402783_139052692442_G.jpg

keep that in mind. buy the ticket, take the ride.402783_138924008331_fear_and_loathing__by_thetanyadoll-d54tvj9.jpg

new year, same bullshit

2014-01-01 02:39:19 by HarryFeltersnach

who gives a squirt. 2013 sucked anyway.





But, they've always worked for me.402783_138784661772_600full-fear-and-loathing-in-las-vegas-screenshot.jpg